Since working out at set I am stronger and have even built muscle mass. My husband now works out there too and I recommend it for anyone looking to improve strength and stability.

Maura C.

I love the individual attention to each customer to help strengthen one’s muscles. If ever I have a particular muscle pain my instructor always has the right moves to help alleviate the problem. Thanks to my hard work at Set I can lift my own suitcase into the overhead on the plane without anyone’s help!!

Rita M.

Push me to the limit!!! I am an avid Set Fitness customer. The trainers are true professionals that understand the human body and have adapted my workout routine based on my age, ailments and common goals. I can’t tell you who good I feel after each session. In one word: AMAZING!!!

Paul K.

I’ve been training with the team at SET Fitness for 5+ years now and think all of the trainers are top notch and the training program has improved my strength and overall physical health tremendously. Highly recommend SET Fitness!!

Tricia M.

I’m so glad I was referred to Set Fitness 4 years ago. It has much such a difference in my level of commitment to staying strong. The 30-minute weight routines have allowed me to do what my 58 year old body needs most without the risk of injury. (And I love the condensed time rather than a full hour!) I look forward to my Friday sessions with Cynthia to start my weekend off right. Highly recommend any of their team!

Jennifer H.

I love SET!! The workouts are quick and extremely effective and are a great way to incorporate strength training into your routine! As a beginner to strength training, it seemed super intimidating at first, but Cynthia and the SET team have made it one of my favorite workouts! Highly recommend trying SET and will continue to come back!

Liza M.

SET Fitness has been a game changer for me. After a poor bone density test and a recommendation by my Dr. to begin strength training. SET Fitness was the answer. 5 years ago, I began training twice a week and am thrilled with the results. A much-improved bone density and a much better feeling about my health in general.


As I approached middle age, and not being a “gym person,” I have been on the lookout for a do-able weight bearing and fitness program that would keep me in shape and help prevent the onset of osteoporosis. SET has been the answer! It is remarkable how successful the program is for only a half hour a week. My strength continues to climb and I am very pleased with the results. Additionally, I have been very impressed with the trainer knowledge and how they can help you with any weakness whether it be a sports injury or joint problem. It is a pleasure to work out in their facility and I know once you try it you will be hooked!

Trish – Larchmont, NY

Working with the team at Set Fitness over the past year, I have realized the most efficient physical fitness transformation of my life. 30 minutes once or twice a week has resulted in significant physical results in a short period of time. My physique, lean muscle mass, and physical alignment is substantially improved – even when I take a two or three weeks off. The results appear quickly, which has helped me maintain the momentum of better diet and supplementing SET Fitness with other forms of fitness training (ie an additional weekly yoga class, pick-up game or long walk).

Chuck – Larchmont, NY

Boost your energy and strength with an amazing set of trainers. Their knowledge of every muscle in your body is incredible. I have learned so much, but more importantly, I feel GREAT – Thanks!

Maria – Rye, NY

Was I skeptical? A little. Am I convinced? 100%. It is exactly what I needed. I am stronger and leaner than I have been in 20 years. Working with Bobby and company has changed my approach to workouts. Strong is the new skinny!

John – Larchmont, NY

I’ve been attending Set for weekly one half hour training over a year. There is a remarkable improvement in my everyday movements and balance: My endurance is vastly improved, my legs, back, core and arms are stronger, my body stands more erect, my footing is more assured and I have fewer aches and pains. The trainers are awesome – they watch you carefully to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly and will work with you on any area where you might need help. And they are encouraging, gracious, complimentary and in amazingly good shape!! Most encouraging. In short I look forward to every session. I leave there feeling great!!

Rita – Larchmont, NY

SET, with its comprehensive, whole body approach to form, tone and strength, has transformed the way I think about and approach my own fitness. Without question, I feel better, stronger and more fit for that intense, once-a-week, 30-minute workout with Chris.

Rich – Larchmont, NY

SET fitness is, hands down, the most results driven and time effective workout I have found to date. After years of suffering thru hour long strength training classes at the gym, my 30 minute workout at SET is a dream. I leave feeling strong and can see the difference in how I feel AND look – bring on the sleeveless shirts for summer!

Janice – Scarsdale, NY

My wife and I have been clients of SET in Mamaroneck, N.Y. for over a year. In that time, SET has helped improve and build our muscle tone and bone mass; helped with balance and an overall increase in strength. We look forward to our weekly work-outs with SET’s highly knowledgable trainers and find their guidance and encouragement so helpful. SET has truly established a new sense of well-being for us and has really improved our lives. We consider that the ultimate recommendation.

Chris and Megan – Rye, NY

I have been going to SET for a year and I absolutely love it. As a new mom and a business owner, I have very little spare time to exercise. My workouts at SET keep me going throughout the week. I love the trainers there – they definitely push me but not too much – they find a balance for me that works. It is so personal and I just really feel great after each workout! I recommend it to all of my friends and even my clients!

Jane – Larchmont, NY

I’ve been working out with the trainers at SET Fitness for two years. I commute to NYC from Westchester and finding time to exercise was becoming more and more difficult. I admit to starting the program with some skepticism. I did not believe I would see the same results I experienced when visiting the gym 3-4 times a week.

DJ – Pelham, NY

My decision to commit to this unique style of exercise changed my life. I dropped a few clothing sizes, felt stronger and more energetic than ever before and even saw better blood work results at my doctor visits. The workouts were perfectly safe and even sophisticated. Everything about it was perfect. I quickly developed a passion for high intensity strength training.

Don – Larchmont, NY