About Us

» We started SET Fitness because we’re passionate about our unique approach to exercise.

In a market saturated with dangerous exercise programs that are designed to get quick results at the expense of your safety – and programs that require countless hours of exercise, but only end in frustration, we saw a need to provide people with an alternative. SET Fitness seeks to fill this void by introducing a science-based, results-oriented method to the Westchester area that serves as a perfect exercise solution for anyone looking to improve his or her mind, body, and overall health.

» Our Staff
The friendly staff at SET Fitness is dedicated to providing everyone who walks through our doors with a pleasant, welcoming experience. As our member, you’re guaranteed personalized attention and a customized approach that will work for your personal fitness level and abilities. Your well-being is our number one priority.

Our professional trainers are required to have certification from at least one official personal trainer certification program. They participate in regular education programs, so they can keep up to date on the latest developments in fitness. They’re also required to pass extensive examinations that test their ability to safely and efficiently guide individuals through our unique high intensity training workouts. Because we take your safety very seriously, our staff also receives comprehensive training in all aspects of fitness safety.