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Cynthia was born and raised in Larchmont, NY. Exercise has always been an important part of her life. Cynthia grew up as an avid swimmer and always lived a healthy, active lifestyle.

While working full-time and getting her masters degree in Education, Cynthia could no longer spend hours at the gym each week and she wasn’t seeing the results she was hoping for. In 2015, Cynthia found SET Fitness and became a client. Not only was the 30 minute workouts ideal for her busy schedule, but she was eager to learn about High Intensity Strength Training, and being able to lift weight to failure, in a very short amount of time. Cynthia started seeing improved muscle definition and tone, and her overall strength improved dramatically. She eventually canceled her gym membership and never looked back. 

Cynthia started becoming very interested in High Intensity Strength Training. She started reading books about High Intensity Strength Training and eventually began taking HIT and NASM personal training courses. In 2017, Cynthia made the leap from client to trainer and is happy to be a part of the SET team. Cynthia is excited to help her clients accomplish their individual goals. She wants her clients to feel confident, strong, and happy after completing each SET workout.


In 2019 he found SET Fitness and an entirely different way to train. High Intensity Strength Training seemed to match not only his lifestyle and goals but many others who were looking for results, but who only had so much time on their hands. He loved the concept of getting to failure faster and executing 30 minute workouts. 

He hasn’t looked back since and is happy to be a part of the SET team. Sean is excited to help his clients accomplish their goals. Whether it’s more functionality, confidence, or strength. He likes the challenge of accommodating everyone’s individual needs and intends on helping as many people as he can.


Carly was born and raised in Westchester NY. Playing sports and leading an active lifestyle were always important to her.

Carly was always an avid runner and in 2017 she decided to pursue her love of the sport and ran her first of multiple marathons. As much as she loved the races she didn’t love the amount of hours she needed to dedicate to training and the stress it put on her joints. After a few years of running races she decided she needed to pursue another way of training her body one that would give her results of running 26 miles but with a fraction of the time and joint stress and so turned to high intensity training.

Fast forward a few years and Carly decided to turn her fitness passion into a career. She became certified as a group fitness instructor read extensively on the benefits of high intensity training and was lucky to discover SET Fitness.


Lee was raised in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon, where she grew up dancing competitively, skiing and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. She was exposed to the fitness industry at a young age, as her father owned some health clubs.

After college, Lee moved to the East Coast to work in the airline industry. She later earned her MBA and worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Eventually, Lee decided to stay home to raise her two children and has lived in Larchmont since 2001.

An avid tennis player, Lee began training at Set Fitness as a client and quickly saw improvement to her on-court endurance and backhand….so much improvement, she started playing singles at age 47.

An ardent believer in the benefits of HIT, Lee joined Set Fitness’ team of trainers in 2019.

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