Questions You Should Be Asking

» What About Cardio?

Most people mistakenly believe the only way to improve cardiovascular health is to perform workouts that involve slightly or moderately elevating the heart rate for a very extended period of time. This is certainly one approach – and it might even make for a great complement to our program if you enjoy it and have the time for it. But it is NOT the only way. HIT is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve cardiovascular health and fitness.

The cardiovascular system is directly and intricately connected to the muscular system. The cardiovascular system is responsible for sending oxygen and nutrients to the muscular system. It is also responsible for removing the by-products created by the muscles that utilize these nutrients. As HIT places a great demand on the muscular system, you can rest assured it places a great demand on the cardiovascular system, which will lead to improved cardiovascular health and fitness.

Your cardiovascular system has to work at an elevated rate during the work out. And it will continue to work at an elevated rate long after your workout is over in order to repair and reenergize your muscles. This directly leads to improvements to cardiovascular health that are very comparable to performing hours and hours worth or aerobic exercise.

» What About Warming Up And Stretching?

In many physical activities, people are exposed to high and sudden forces. These activities require a thorough warm up to reduce the chances of injury. Our program is different. Although your muscles will be challenged, the forces your body encounters are very low compared to other activities or workout programs. Since our program is so safe on the joints and connective tissues, we have never found spending additional time on a warm up to be necessary.

We incorporate stretching and other flexibility increasing techniques into some people’s routine if there is a need. And/or we will teach people what techniques they should utilize on your own. However, HIT in and of itself is a fantastic tool for enhancing flexibility.

HIT increases strength at all joint angles, which improves your ability to get into certain positions or hold certain postures. And, as your muscles become stronger, so will your tendons and ligaments. This will reduce your chance of pulling a muscle or injuring a joint. This is what we mean by “enhanced” flexibility.

» Could I Get Hurt?

This is highly unlikely. There are four reasons why our workouts are so safe:

  1. Our Trainers: You will always work one on one with a trainer. Our trainers have all undergone extensive training and are very knowledgeable. They will be watching your every move!
  2. Appropriate Ranges Of Motion: We only utilize ranges of motion that are both safe for the joints and effective for improving muscle tone and strength.
  3. Appropriate Speeds Of Motion: We lift in a very controlled manner. We do not throw, yank or heave weights. Not only does lifting in a fast and uncontrolled manner reduce the benefit of the workouts, but it increases forces that your joints, muscles and connective tissues encounter, which can lead to injury – acute and/or chronic. Our program is low impact and highly effective.
  4. We Cater To The Needs Of Each Individual: Everybody is different. Some people are very timid when starting out. Or, conversely, some people are fearless and want to be pushed very hard, even before their technique is polished. Each scenario requires different coaching techniques. We are excellent at identifying which approaches or exercises work best for which people.
» Does This Work Well In Conjunction With Other Activities I Enjoy Doing?

Yes. In fact, it will likely make you better at whichever activities you enjoy doing. A stronger, more energetic, more metabolically fit version of you will likely only be better at other things.

» I Already Do Yoga Or Spin, Why Do I Need To Strength Train?

It is fantastic that you are active and already do things to enhance your health and fitness. However it is strongly recommended that you supplement these activities with strength training. Nothing increases strength and lean tissue (ie – muscle and bone) like strength training.

Strength training makes a fantastic complement to these other programs. In fact, we have clients who report that they actually improve in yoga or spinning after embarking on our program. A stronger version of you is likely to excel more in yoga or spinning – and even get better results from those programs.

» Does It Matter What I Wear?

Not really. Most people prefer to wear work out clothing (sneakers, t shirt and sweats or shorts.) But we also have people who come straight from the office and work out in a suit. And we have people who come straight form the golf course and work out in the clothes they were wearing on the course. Although workout clothes might be most comfortable they are not a necessity. You can work out in whatever is best and most convenient for you.

» Can Seniors Do This?

Absolutely. We currently have several clients over the age of 80. They all report feeling stronger with improved posture. Some even report better blood work at the doctor. Staying strong at that stage of life is so important. Our workouts are very effective for seniors and certainly safe enough.