Our Method

» Set Fitness Primarily Focuses On High Intensity Training (HIT).

workout1HIT is a proven strength training method known for producing fantastic results in a minimal amount of time. First popularized in the 1970s, HIT has been continually tested and improved over the decades.
SET Fitness uses an evolved style of HIT, which focuses on maximizing safety and utilizes a wide variety of effective techniques.

In order to maximize your ability to exercise with sufficient intensity, while keeping you perfectly safe, SET Fitness utilizes slow speeds of motion in each weight lifting repetition. By lifting weights slowly, you can effectively develop strength and lean muscle, while reducing force on your joints and connective tissue. SET Fitness also utilizes very specific, biomechanically precise ranges of motion on each exercise. This ensures that your joints never end up in a compromised position that can lead to injury – acute and/or chronic. Our low impact, biomechanically precise style of strength training will get you results while minimizing your chance of injury.

SET Fitness strategically incorporates the use of specialized HIT techniques, such as “negatives” into your training program. A negative refers to the “eccentric” phase in each weight lifting repetition, which is when a person lowers rather than lifts a weight. People are much stronger during this phase of the repetition and can lower as much as 40% more weight than they can lift. So, by strategically incorporating negatives into your training program, SET Fitness will enable you to train with greater resistance and push your muscles further without sacrificing safety. This leads to fantastic results with less time in the gym.

» Time Efficiency

workout5We believe that long, frequent workouts are less effective than short, optimal routines that maximize your body’s ability to perform at high intensity. At SET Fitness, we’ll get you the results you need in a 30 minute workout once a week. By balancing the intensity of a SET workout with ample time for rest, anyone can achieve maximum results.

» Who This Program Is For:

If you can benefit from a safe, effective exercise program, you can benefit from working with the trained professionals at SET Fitness. Our program is ideal for those who want results without having to commit to a time-consuming exercise regimen. If you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home mom, an aging baby boomer, or anyone who wants to be fit and healthy without dedicating many hours a week to working out, you’ll love our unique method.
SET Fitness is great for men and women of all ages – our approach is perfectly safe for older clients to build and preserve strength, muscle mass and bone density. And our method can fit into any schedule. There’s no excuse not to start today!

» Who This Program Is NOT For:
  • » People who want an unrealistic quick fix instead of a sustainable, long term solution
  • » People who judge others’ physical condition
  • » People who are too stuck in their ways and refuse to consider another program despite numerous injuries and/or a lack of results and/or a hectic schedule due to too much exercise
» Results:
  • » Lose fat
  • » Develop muscle
  • » Relieve lower back and neck pain
  • » Prevent sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle)
  • » Increase bone density
  • » Increase basal metabolic rate
  • » Increase energy
  • » Improve muscle strength and endurance
  • » Improve cardiovascular and metabolic health
  • » Improve flexibility
  • » Improve athletic performance
  • » Improve mood and cognitive function
  • » Improve posture