Our Facility

» Our friendly, welcoming facility provides the ideal gym environment for men and women of any fitness level.

-1 It also provides the privacy and individual attention you won’t find in most commercial facilities. Our personalized sessions are perfect for those who have reservations about working out in an overcrowded gym and prefer a more private setting. At SET Fitness you’ll never have to wait for equipment, deal with crowds, or experience the uncomfortable feeling that comes from working out in a busy environment.

We use world-class equipment handpicked from a carefully chosen set of manufacturers in order to ensure complete optimization of biomechanical efficiency, while emphasizing comfort, safety and results. You won’t find most of our equipment in commercial facilities and health clubs.

Our equipment includes state of the art Nautilus and MedX machines. Our MedX Core Spinal Fitness equipment is world-renowned for its ability to strengthen the core and reduce back pain.

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